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Our Story

Our Story

Founder Randy Cox grew up naturally inclined to help people with their finances. As a young boy, Randy’s favorite comic book was “Ritchie Rich,” and his favorite board game was Monopoly. When he was eight years old, he took out his first loan, borrowing money from his parents to purchase a mini-bike. At age ten, he returned the favor, and loaned his parents money.

Raised to explore his passion, and encouraged to do what he loves for a living, Randy would eventually grow up to become an independent financial planner. Shortly thereafter, he would open the doors to his own advisory practice, Cox Financial Group.

Randy’s childhood ambition, along with his professional education, is at the foundation of the Cox Financial Group story. Randy has instilled in his team a shared love for helping people achieve success, in every facet of life. Especially when it comes to finances.

Today, Cox Financial Group is a comprised of dedicated finance professionals who are eager to assist individuals, families, and businesses, in reaching their financial goals. The beginning of our story is centered around us. The continuation of that story, is all about you.

How We Help

As independent financial advisors, we believe that “how we help,” goes far beyond the list of services we provide. What we do is about more than strategies and plans. It’s about confidence and financial freedom.

It’s about, you.

Exceptional Service

Like many things in life, investments are a commodity. They can be purchased anywhere, by anyone, and at virtually anytime. We differentiate ourselves through our dedication to service that goes beyond all expectations. Service that not only helps you reach your goals, but that instills a level of respect you and your family deserve.

Collaborative Decision Making

In life, you will be faced with many financial decisions. Decisions that require forethought, and a proper plan of action. When you partner with us, we will guide you through the decision making process. Collaborating with you to realize a suitable course of action. At the end of the day, your success is our top priority. We will help you stay the course, so that you can continue to work toward achieving your goals.

A Worry-Free Retirement

Ready or not - here it comes. Whether you are 29 or 59, retirement is coming. Are you ready? At Cox Financial Group, we help people navigate through the murky waters of pre- and post-retirement, so they can enjoy the life they deserve. We will strategize a plan that positions you to enjoy a fulfilling retirement. Whether that involves traveling, spending time with your family, or living modestly so that you can leave a lasting legacy. We can help.