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Our Process

Understand - It is important for Randy to get to know you and what you are trying to accomplish. It is just as important for you to get to know him, his team, and our investment and service philosophy. This is a fact-finding meeting to see if we are on a good fit. 

Plan - Randy will develop and present a customized plan that puts you on a path toward your goals. He will recommend various investment vehicles based on his research and years of expertise.

Implement - Our team will do all the heavy lifting! This means we will prepare all the forms to execute your investment plan for you. We will track and follow up on any transfers to make sure everything is set up exactly like you want! All you have to do is authorize the paperwork with your autograph.

Monitor & Review - We constantly monitor your investments and the markets, and you can expect to hear from us should a suggestion be warranted. You can plan to meet on an annual basis, but please know that our door is always open for you to stop in whenever you have questions, need to make changes, or just want to share a hello.